Salesforce CPQ increases the efficiency of the sales team by creating quotes that are curated with the diverse knowledge all brought to one place which is easily accessible!

According to Gartner, growth and adoption of configure, price and quote solutions grew by 20% from 2014 to 2015 and are predicted to continue at the same rate through 2021.

1. Eliminating Time

For more profitability sales organizations need work processes that are smart and efficient. Salesforce CPQ eliminates the time between your client agreeing to close the deal and you having to quote them a price. Salesforce CPQ software keeps all information up to date and sources it to you immediately.

When the necessary details of the project are at your disposal the time difference to close the deal on paper is reduced drastically. This reduces the process handled by the sales team while leaving a good impression on the client. For more profitability sales organizations need work processes that are smart and efficient.

2. Avoiding Human Error

From manufacturing to marketing procedures, human resources face several gaps of thinking. For this, Salesforce CPQ ensures there is no place for human errors. The software has an accuracy of the level where precision won’t be compromised.

This virtue creates a seamless user experience which increases customer retention for the service. Configure Price Quote Software has all the information updated as well as shared with detailed pointers.

3. Customization

For a new customer, businesses should only prioritize value propositions. Usually, businesses create a standard quote and share it with clients at the time of closing the deal. Salesforce CPQ tools allows you to make changes and add elements to create personalization for the quotes.

This feature not only makes the consumer feel important but also caters to their individual requirements. Customization also allows you as a business to study the difference between every client’s requirement and the prices quoted for the same.

4. Cross selling

Comprehensive need analysis of products can maximize the opportunities of cross-selling. CPQ Software increases the efficiency of Salesforce Sales Cloud and functions like suggesting right mix up of products and tracking of customer preferences.

These processes not only increase the likelihood of creating impressive quotes but also reflect that your business understands the requirements of your clients. Configure Price Quote Software goes that extra mile for you which definitely creates a lasting impression on your customers.

According to Aberdeen group reports, companies that employ CPQ software see a hike of 105% in their average deal size along with 28% reduction in their sales cycle time.

5. Template Building

Templates that are required for building consumer quotes can be done by CPQ software tools. These features of CPQ software allow you to curate quotes that are streamlined and consist of consistent documents. CPQ Software has great templates that make it easier to get quotes in customer hands quickly.

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How Does Bolt Today Help You in Salesforce CPQ Implementation?

Bringing together pricing and customer data on a centralized platform that is accessible in real time, we Salesforce CPQ Implementation partners help our customers create quotes that are catered to the needs of the clients while ensuring they are shared at the click of a button.

The clients before associating with Bolt Today complained about time extensions in current approval flow due to manual interventions and expected reduction in FTE time used to generate quotes and contracts.

The unique Salesforce CPQ Solutions from Bolt Today included various salient features such as,

  • Rules to route quoting to correct approval
  • Guided selling form for existing Special Pricing request
  • Special prices and discounts for specific clients
  • Profit/Loss Indicators
  • Migration of existing client data to fit into CPQ architecture & much more.

The Bolt Today clients are testimony to the benefits reaped with Salesforce CPQ Solutions of optimized pricing with correct cost information and simplified contracting with reduced manual compilation.

Bolt Today, a Salesforce CPQ consultant provides end to end guidance in implementing CPQ Software, to achieve seamless integration within your existing systems and enable your sales team to be empowered with the benefits of Salesforce CPQ Software.