Today we are talking about our attempt at number 3 mat made in merino wool.
We did it with seams at the edges to give grip and with a layer of latex to be non-slip.
Merino wool is soft so it was excellent for practice in contact with the body. But softness means fine yarn and in fact it was very thin and the comfort of the knees was little.
In addition, to keep the wool stable (i.e. that it does not shrink at the first wash) a minimum amount of polyester is put in the yarn (from 2% to 5%) which can be omitted to indicate on the label Considering that merino wool comes entirely from New Zealand, we didn’t feel like continuing with this prototype …
In addition, we could not guarantee the welfare of the sheep (being on the other side of the world).
The wool we use, is strictly Italian and from small businesses in which there is a respect and love for the animals!
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