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October 25, 2021

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call transcription

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call transcription

Call transcription   What is call transcription and what makes it so in-demand and popular these days? Who are some of the best transcription services providers out there? You’re at the right place to get answers to all these questions.     What is transcription? Transcription is basically the skill of converting your audio and video data into written document text format. Similar to what note taking is, this speech-to-text service is used to make notes of important meetings, writing scripts for videos, legal hearings and a lot more. Transcription services providers have been around from quite a long time providing transcription services globally but in the recent while, they have become very popular and high in-demand with almost every industry availing transcription services in one way or the other.   Types of transcriptions offered by Transcription Services Providers: Transcription services are generally of two types known as verbatim transcription service and non-verbatim transcription service. Verbatim transcription converts your speech into text exactly as it is spoken by noting down the entire speech word by word with all the informal utterances, stutters and other informal expressions. Contrary to verbatim is the non-verbatim transcription service which converts your speech in-to text […] read more
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