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October 14, 2021

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Gabriele Graziosi

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What is meditation? Eastern and western

PART VI      Here at Natmat26 we previously discovered with Stefania, an expert in mindfulness and contemplative practices, what meditation is, how to start meditating and what are the styles of meditation.   In this fourth article we address the meaning of Meditation in the East and in the West.     For us in the West, to meditate means to rethink and reason about things that have happened and are to happen, when we are told, for example, “Meditate on what you have done.” In Eastern culture, on the other hand, to meditate is to detach oneself from thoughts, to empty the mind. How would you explain these two approaches that are so distant from each other? A: Do you remember as a child/teenager being told “Before you speak, count to 10?”   Here, it was a really good suggestion; too bad they didn’t tell us what to do with those 10 seconds.   Meditating allows us to train our minds to create space. A space of analysis and understanding that allows us to choose the best response for our own well-being and that of those around us.   A space in which to consciously respond rather than react […] read more
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