Working with FTP clients to manage remote server files and applications can be an incredibly slow process. Many of the FTP/SFTP everyday clients require an in-depth understanding of networking protocols in order to function properly or do not allow numerous file management solutions when working on a larger project. The last thing you want to be doing is spending your valuable work time manually logging into the client program every time you want to upload a new file to a website or company server.

FTPGetter Professional solves these problems by automating FTP file transfers using a simplified central console. This way, admins are always kept informed whenever new changes have been made that require their attention. Users can quickly set up multiple tasks for FTP downloading, uploading, and synchronization using an easy-to-understand wizard prompt process.

The admin that just needs to maintain a few websites can set FTPGetter’s automation system and forget it. The FTP automation system can send alerts to admins as processes are completed, so time and energy can be shifted to other important tasks.

There are also options for the more advanced users that have to tackle complex tasks. FTPGetter Professional has the capability for users to leverage shell scripting with a few lines of simple code that allow for compression solutions, file masking, batch processing, and more.

Probably the most valuable aspect of FTPGetter is the scheduling component. This allows your terminal to set parameters on any changes occurring on local and host servers. For example, you could automate FTPGetter to check your remote server for a particular website that receives any updates or changes on the hour every hour. You could even run a check of FTP folders for an office setting on a customized schedule, like every third Monday of the month when you know new reports are due.

All of these powerful customizations and commands are managed through FTPGetter Professional’s built-in terminal emulator. In just three easy steps, you can indicate the process you want to be completed, when it should perform an action, and how you want to be alerted to the change.

The centralized console is designed for admins and users of every level with simplified navigation for communication with remote and local servers. This impressive file management tool needs little working memory to function, placing a low load on your CPU, yet still has many bespoke configuration options that will create a more efficient workstation for most admins. There is even an “invisible mode” that operates in the background of your system without maintaining an active presence on your toolbar or navigation pane.

FTPGetter Professional offers a variety of excellent solutions for system admins dealing with large or complex problem solving for their remote and local client access. It is a more robust client with customized commands and process alerts that make the entire activity of maintaining and modifying file transfers a lot easier.

If you would like to give FTPGetter Professional a try, visit to download a free 15-day trial. Once you have seen how simple the program is to use, pick up a registered copy and enhance your IT team’s file transfer management capabilities.