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October 22, 2021

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Understanding Cholesterol & Heart Disease

Is Cholesterol good or bad? There is a misconception among people that Cholesterols are bad. Are they really bad? Certainly No, if they are under control. In fact, Cholesterols are essential for many body functions. In some cases, if its levels are high, it becomes a silent threat and puts people under the risk of heart diseases. What is the association between Cholesterol and Heart health? High Cholesterol and heart diseases are closely associated and here is the sound explanation on how. Cholesterol travels in the blood in these forms Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) Very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) High-density lipoprotein (HDL) HDL is known as “good cholesterol” as it clears cholesterol from the blood by taking it to the liver for disposal. VLDL contains Triglycerides which makes LDL cholesterol larger in size. LDL is known as “bad cholesterol” because it blocks arteries and forbids blood from reaching your heart. Do you wonder how this happens? When high Cholesterol travels around your bloodstream, it can reach your heart too. Sometimes it gets clung to the walls of the arteries, thus blocking or narrowing it. This build-up of fatty substance in the arteries is called Plaque. High Cholesterol paves way for serious heart diseases […] read more
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If you have just had heart surgery, take heart and you’ll soon be able to get back to normal. Remember that, as in all surgeries, complete recovery after heart surgery takes a few weeks. If it was a complex operation, it could take a number of months. However, you must be cautious at all times. It can help you recover better if you follow a few more precautions than usual, especially in these pandemic times. We tell you how. Care against infections After any surgery, the body becomes weak and is vulnerable to infections of any kind. It’s the same when you have just had heart surgery. With the COVID-19 virus and its different variants still around, you need to be extra careful.  At Fortis Hospital:  While you’re in the post-operative unit at our hospital, your steady recovery is a priority. Our exemplary and stringent infection-controlled environment and our highly qualified health staff ensure you are protected against any type of health intrusion. Your visitors, including your caregiving family, are thoroughly screened for any infections including COVID-19 and have limited or restricted access to meet you. At home:  Just as people with underlying health conditions are at higher risk of […] read more
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online protein and supplement store india

HELLO! BODY FUEL IS INDIA’S #1 BRAND AUTHORIZED ONLINE AND OFFLINE VITAMIN AND SUPPLEMENT STORE OFFERING ONLY 100% GENUINE PRODUCTS. We’re here to cater your needs for Bodybuilding, Weight Loss and Wellness by offering a wide range of handpicked 100% genuine supplements and nutrition products all at one place which can be delivered to your doorstep for free and save you from all the hassles or you can visit any of our kiosk counters or stores located across India and checkout the wide variety of 100% Authentic and genuine international supplements available. These products are cross checked even after being received from the importers and manufacturers for any tampering, damage or defects so as to assure the customer of its genuineness and withhold the trust in us. We aim for the utmost customer satisfaction by delivering genuine quality products and help people grow with our “Health Bites” section which provides you with a variety of recipes to keep you fit and also the “F-Blog” section which keeps you updated with questions, blogs and advancements in the fitness industry. read more
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Chiropractor Carrigaline – What Is Chiropractor And How Is It Different From Physiotherapy

Chiropractor Care and Physiotherapy are both disciplines of Complementary and Alternative Medicine that are applied by controlled pressure of the hand, specific equipment or movement, that help treating Musculoskeletal Disorders and the pain and stiffness that is associated with it. Chiropractor Care is much different than Physiotherapy, even though their are many similarities of application between the two. Here is a brief about it. Understanding Chiropractor Manipulation Chiropractor care is provided by specially trained healthcare professionals, that are capable of diagnosing and treating chronic disorders associated with the musculoskeletal system – the core problems being stiffness and inflammation of the joints, muscles, discs, ligaments and nerves. So looking at solutions for arthritis, spondolysis, Chiropractors mainly utilise hand pressure to massage and apply controlled pressure to the joints of the spinal cord, shoulder and arms. The pressure is focally applied to the key areas of stiffness. The application of pressure is called Manipulation and there are various grades of it, ranging from 1 to 5, that fraction the extent of the amplitude of velocity. The key difference here with Physiotherapy is that in Chiropractic Manupulation, chiropractors can use grade-5 manipulation, whereas in physiotherapy the ultimate limit is Grade 4. The main […] read more
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kratos sport

Kratos Sports offers a variety of Men’s and Women’s Gloves. Our gloves are made up of breathable fabric and have elasticized wrist straps & a multi-directional stretch back for flexibility. Available in various sizes to ensure a good fit. For more information call or visit our website. Kratos Sport. Unit 16 Lodge Hill Business park, Station Road, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1EY. UK 44(0)1749870493 read more
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Discover How Traditional Head Massage Service Helps

The Indian head massage is an ancient healing technique derived from champissage that is widely used by personal care industry experts worldwide. This treatment focuses solely on relieving minor head and neck injuries, as well as psychological stress to heel severe body pain and improve blood circulation. This technique is based on the concept of Chakra, which connects energy channels in the face, head, and neck that supply energy to the rest of the body. The energy channels are relieved of any type of blockage by providing relaxation balance between the mind and the rest of the body when this type of traditional head massage treatment is used. Massage therapists are meticulously trained by experts. They pay close attention to the pressure applied with their finger tips to specific head and neck regions, as well as the strokes used during treatment. Traditional Indian head massage allows a therapist to provide a more personalised experience for their clients by focusing on their specific needs. Tension can be relieved by massaging the head, face, neck, scalp, and temples during this head massage treatment, promoting deep sleep and peace of mind. Because the treatment improves lymphatic drainage, toxins produced by the body are […] read more
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Turf Pros

Address 425 Nassau Road Roosevelt NY 11575 Phone (908) 336-5399     Website   Owner Luis Loshi   Email [email protected]   Description Turf Pros of Roosevelt New York are the top rated installers of artificial turf for year round enjoyment of your property without the hassles of lawn maintenance. Additionally, when the weather starts to chill, we are your one stop for Christmas Light Installation. Whether you are looking for a simple roof outline or something to make Clark Grizwold proud, we have a solution to light up your holidays!   Business Hours M-F 8:00am-6:00pm   Category Turf Supplier, Landscaping Lighting Designer Keywords artificial turf installer, christmas light installer, artificial grass installation   read more
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SITARAM BEACH RETREAT Our spacious luxury twin cottages are 421 sq. feet each and with unique statement wooden furniture. All cottages are with attached bathrooms and open to sky shower area; both having RO purified hot and cold water facilities. These have a verandah/terrace (150 sq ft) and a sun deck (110 sq ft) offering a spectacular garden and sea view. Our amenities include comfortable mattresses, AC rooms with ceiling fan, safe locker, hairdryer, 8 feet tall sliding windows with clear glass and mosquito nets providing breathtaking sea view from inside the room. These rooms offer peace and serenity both inside and out.     read more
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