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October 25, 2021

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Discover an unrivalled blend of nature’s most luminous gifts, only at Matara Studio     Matara Studio, a luxury jewelry brand specializing in natural and cultured pearls announces the launch of Matara High Jewelry   Bangkok, Thailand – Matara Studio is excited to announce the launch of our very first collection, Matara High Jewelry. Characterized by a bold style of blending precious metals, pearls, mother-of-pearls, diamonds and novel lines, the collection reveals all of the fantasy of Matara and is the perfect collection for lovers of Matara Signature X style.   Nature is often symbolic of new beginnings. Matara Studio believes that our new and first collection, Matara High Jewelry, has captured the unrivalled beauty of nature’s most luminous gifts – and only feels right for many people looking for a fresh start.   The entire line of jewelry, which encompasses bracelets,rings, earrings and necklaces uses the most exquisite pearls, diamonds and mother-of-pearls to form pieces that are both truly dazzling and intriguing.   Each and every piece of jewelry is unique and is definitely a work of true craftsmanship from Thailand’s most renowned craftsmen, and is meant to be worn and enjoyed for years to come.   “Far from […] read more
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25th Gems Pavilion – The Art of Life Celebration

Gems Pavilion 25th Gems Pavilion – The Art of Life Celebration Celebrate 25 years of Gems Pavilion with an overview of our success in creating designs that are stunningly beautiful with exquisite details, a quality that Gems Pavilion is known for as an acclaimed leader of high jewellery.            Since its founding in 1966, Gems Pavilion has striven to manifest beauty as a celebration of everyday life through high jewellery, a universal language that women all over the world associate with beauty and luxury. Throughout the past 25 years, Gems Pavilion continues to stay true to this mission in every step of the process. In the creation of each piece of jewellery, we consider all three elements of high jewellery:  First is the signature touch of Gems Pavilion’s designers. A glance is all it takes to recognize Gems Pavilion’s designs; experience the satisfaction and pride of showing off our creations. Second is our meticulous selection of diamonds and gemstones. Each year, more than 100,000 carats of diamonds enter our screening system. Of these, only 20% meet the Gems Pavilion standard for use in our designs.  Third is our skilled craftsmanship that blends traditional craft with modern technology, customizing designs to […] read more
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Where Can I Buy Certified Coral Gemstone Online at Best Price?

Coral stone, popularly known as Moonga Ratan in Hindi, is a prominent member of the Navratna family. Unlike other colored gemstones, it is a marine product. Natural Red coral is the most renowned form of coral. Explore here a wide range of certified Moonga stone online. You can Visit Here: Buy Coral read more
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Adding Crystals & Stones to Your Meditation Practice For an Enlightened Experience!

I have always loved crystals. i really like to be surrounded by them, i really like to carry them in my hands and place them on Chakra points during meditation, and that i especially like to wear them. once I was young and broke, I remember saving my change during a jar until I had enough money to shop for a bit of raw amethyst from a touch shop in Woodstock, NY! It cost all of $5.00, but that was tons of cash back within the ’70s once I was working full time and putting myself through college. I still have that piece of amethyst in my library, along side dozens of other beautiful crystals and stones. i really like the peaceful feeling that comes from being surrounded by amethyst, quartz, aventurine, and lazuli – especially when I’m writing. After years of being interested in the energy and wonder of crystals and stones, i started studying them within the early 1980’s. I attended tons of workshops over the years to become conversant in the Spiritual and healing properties of the various wonderful and powerful crystals and stones that are to assist us. Those workshops were great, but i feel I […] read more
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Play Bazaar ; Playbazaar

What is Play Bazaar ? Play Bazaar (प्ले बाजार) There is a way. Where you are shown the Satta Result to the people. Gives the best service in view of the Play Bazaar result. You are shown Satta Results absolutely free on this website. People search for Play Bazaar on Google with many names. Like Play Bazar, Play Bazar, Play Bazzar and those are the real names. This is the real name of this service Play Bazaar. Play Bazaar was started in 2013. In 2013, a website of Play Bazaar came up on Google. Which people did not like so much. But then after some time came like 2014. At that time the desire of the people playing satta increased so much that they all started liking the Play Bazaar. And today’s date, people like Play Bazaar a lot. Most people like Play Bazaar Chart on Play Bazaar’s website.What is meant by Play Bazaar Chart? Satta Chart In this Play Bazaar Chart, people get Satta records for the month of Satta Games. The famous game of satta in this Play Bazaar Chart. Like most satta players play these games. 1. Desawar Result 2. Gali Result 3. Ghaziabad Result 4. Faridabad Result More itc. Which is No.1 Satta […] read more
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How To Choose The Most Beautiful Bridal Jewelry To Best Suit Your Wedding Theme

When you are wedding planning you would like everything to travel perfectly and you suddenly realize there’s with great care much to try to to , such a lot to work out and to settle on from. the straightforward place to start out with the design and feel of the marriage is to first choose the colour themes. From here you’ll more easily specialise in the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses with their designs and designs . The wedding jewelry is next as you’ll match the design of the bridal jewelry set designs to the bridal party dress styles. There are a variety of jewellery styles so you would like to possess a glance at what you wish and what works best for your wedding theme. So to assist you opt here is an summary of a variety of jewelry: Pearl Jewelry Pearl bridal jewelry is such a well-liked choice because pearl jewelry is timeless then elegant. Pearl necklaces and earrings designs range from the normal through to very contemporary styles with everything in between. Pearls make an exquisite present for the bridesmaids and may be skilled the family over the generations. Bridal pearl jewelry are often during a sort […] read more
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