There’s an on-going PBS TV program (also various books, and websites) known as “Closer to Truth”. The host is the neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Kuhn is featured in one-on-one conversations as well as panel discussion with the best of the best of today’s cosmologistsand physicists, psychologists, philosophers, theologians and so on. On all the Big Questions surrounding a trilogy of broad themes that included Cosmos and Consciousness. . The trilogy dealt with the reality of space and time Mind and Consciousness aliens, theology, and on and and on and on. Here are some of my thoughts regarding one of the broad themes covered: Can time travel be possible?

# Is time travel possible? Personally, I don’t believe in time. The concept of time is based on change, and it is simply a measurement of the speed of change. Kayak Rentals Maui  IMHO the concept of time can be described as a word. It is a mental concept that assists us in coming to terms with the constant change. Cosmologists believe they created time during the time of the Big Bang, as if time was a thing that had the characteristics of substance and structure. I would like them to create time before their peers, or perhaps an audience on TV or even create some theoretical equations which would allow time to be created. For now, let me present a trifecta of questions.

The first is that the idea that time travel exists is among the fun aspects of Physics. If it’s the theory is true or not it’s fun to play the ‘what-if game.  Maui Kayak Rental In any case the idea is entertaining and force one to consider what is real.

Second, Einstein and others have suggested it is possible to travel through time. This has been argued by Einstein and others. hypothetical fact, and I’m not in the same league as them to challenge the theories. I’ll leave that up to other people who are knowledgeable about the subject and out.

Thirdly, and perhaps crucially, could never truly be either in the future nor the past, but only in the future or in the past in relation to the place and time you are currently. That is no matter what you do to cut and dice things you are in the wherever and whenever you are in the where-ever’s or when’s now, or right now. You are not able to truly be in any future , or even in any time since you have the experience of the present. If you were to somehow travel back an hour, you’ll continue to experience things that belong to the present. If you go to sleep for an hour and then awake you’re somewhere in the future compared to the time you fell asleep However, you are still finding yourself in the present.

# Is time travel possible? The answer is the affirmative and negative. Yes, we are able to travel to the future in one second every second, and we do this regardless of regardless of whether we want to or not. Yes , we can go into the past at more rapid rate when we go to sleep, or by being conscious and awareness of the rate that change (which is what time actually is or what it measures) disabled. You drink, go to sleep and the following day,, you are 12 hours in the future. We can indeed travel to the future according to Einstein’s twin paradox in which two twins go at a fast speed in the direction of travel, comes back to their home base, whereas the twins who stay at home is at in their home. When they meet, the traveling twin is able to see that their home twin to be much older, and the traveling twin is able to travel to the future faster than might otherwise be the situation. It is true that you can travel back in time according to the theoretically plausible properties black holes or wormholes possess. You can’t go back into the past due to all those naughty paradoxes. I love the twist on the grandfather paradox in which you go back only an hour back in time and kill yourself. This is a unique method to commit suicide! Another paradox I love is when you come back in time to see Shakespeare sign his copy “Hamlet”. Shakespeare is not home, however the maid promises to let Shakespeare sign your book once the time comes for him to return. Unfortunately, your timing is slightly off, and Shakespeare hasn’t yet composed “Hamlet” therefore, when he gets your copy from his maid to sign then he goes through it and when you return to Shakespeare’s house and get your signed copy, and then return home at your own pace, Shakespeare now writes “Hamlet”. The question is what exactly do the origins of “Hamlet” come from ? Shakespeare did not write it until the fact that he’d read the copy you had received. It’s not possible to travel back in time, as if there would be a plethora of tourists who traveled back in time in order to experience the most important historical event or some other. There aren’t any crowds of tourists snapping photos that were ever documented as attending Custer’s Last Stand, the Battle of the Alamo or the sinking of the RMS Titanic, or any of the thousands of other related historical incidents. Yes, you are able to travel back in time , but only in the parallel universe. If you take a shot at yourself, but it’s a different you in a different universe, there is no paradox. It is possible to travel back in time to see Shakespeare sign the copy you have of “Hamlet” However, in that alternate universe, Shakespeare is now writing “Hamlet” in reference to the copy you have and there are no paradox result. The only thing I find interesting is even if you are in the future as well as in the past do you really in the future or in the past? It’s not true, the only moment you are in is now that is right now and now time. It could be a different place from the one you were accustomed to but, regardless of where and at any time there is only the present.