The world we live in is incredibly interconnected. Globalisation has turned the entire vast world into a global village. Any single event that occurs in one area of the globe is capable of impacting the entire globe. It is therefore essential in the present world to keep up-to-date with the latest news. However, to stay updated with the latest news, you have to take time to read newspapers or catch up on news on TV and the hectic lifestyle of the modern times, it is not possible to afford the time watching news. In these circumstances, news headlines are crucial and are a great source of convenience. There is no need to go through the entire news , only the bits are enough.
There are a variety of choices for people for news sources. Some are drawn to news about politics, others like crime stories, while others like reading news about entertainment. News channels on television and newspapers provide all kinds of news content and segments that are designed to satisfy the interests of every viewer and reader. The news papers and TV channels provide a great mix of soft and hard news. Hard news is news intended for reading or viewing with a focus while soft news is only published to entertain of the viewers. This is to create an equilibrium between serious content and entertainment value in Gazeteler .

There were a few options for news sources. Newspapers published long pieces in great detail, while radio and television were subject to the limitations of time, if you missed news at seven, you had to wait until the 9 hours of news. Today, these limitations have been eliminated , the technological advancements have provided people with a variety of inventions that make it easier for people to access news in a simple manner. Mobile phones are equipped with apps that give you information on the most recent developments and you don’t need to read through the entire article . They are headlines from the news that summarize the complete story in one paragraph, providing all the answers to “Wh” questions. The technology also provides anyone with computers and internet. This is a source which you can access the information you need with a single click when you’re on your sofa. Today News can be obtained through a variety of sources. These sources are extremely flexible and can provide you with the information you require. Technology has definitely made a difference to the human race greatly.

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