Are you looking for top destinations in abroad to make your career as successful

doctor? Here, in this article I have listed top 4countries that are considered as best,

for huge number of aspiring Indian medical students who wantsstudy MBBS in


1. China

As we all know, getting into Indian private colleges is extremely difficult. Many

Indian students are opting to take MBBS abroad admission due to a lack of seats

and a variety of other concerns. Being one of the closest neighbors of India for so

many years and it is one of the most favored among international students who

want to study medicine for their affordable fees compared to their other countries.

The reason behind this, it admits many international students to their universities at

such low cost with a high-quality education for the country's economic

development and in its medical science field.

2. Philippines

If you are planning to pursue medicine in overseas countries, and also worried

about selecting best country for MBBS abroad then I highly recommend philippines

as your destination. The reason is that Philippines has provided a lot of chances to

overseas students for having good medical education from the best medical colleges

that are known globally.

It is ranked as second among the world’s top country to take up medical studies. It

consists of top medical universities which has been accredited by the World Health

Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI) .This, in turn, has

paved the way for many students especially Indian, to learn and practice the latest

world-class developments in Medical Science.


Over the years, Russia has grown in prominence as a preferred destination for

students interested in studying medicine abroad. The main reason for this might be

attributed to low-cost course fees and a high level of education that meets


international standards. Also, each year education in Russia is sponsored by the

government, for their nation's development. In Russia, there is no separate

admission exams for MBBS. Students must pass the senior secondary (10+2)

examination and receive marks that are consistent with the Medical Council of

India (MCI) criteria.

4.United Kingdom

The migration of international students to UK increases every year, as it is claimed

as the world 4 th best country to take up medicinal studies. Studying MBBS in the

UK is the most economical course for international students especially Indian, as

the quality of education provided by the medical universities in the United

Kingdom is far better than any other universities in the world.

Thus, these were some of the top 4countries that are considered to be the best for

MBBS in abroad for Indian studentsamong many other countries and institutions.

I hope this article has helped in finding the best countries for MBBS abroad that

helps in achieving ambitions of a lucrative career in medicine.