Kaashiv Infotech is an  ISO Certified and Microsoft Awarded Company. Our Company provided specialized Knowledge Services to a wide range of industry verticals. This puts us in a unique position where we are able to not only deliver cutting edge solutions but also help build in-house competencies of our Clients, be it in the Knowledge Services domain or a part of our Enterprise Services.


Our Trainer is an Microsoft Awarded and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. below our Trainer Awards and Achievements:

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2008.

HCL SQL Knowledge Champion 2009.

DNS Most Valuable Member for 2007 & 2009.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2009.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2010.

MindCracker Most Valuable Professional 2010.

Microsoft Certified Professional.

Our Company Offers Training for Students in Current Updated Technologies below we mention Technologies. Internship in Chennai : Kaashiv Infotech offers Best and Free Internship in chennai for CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, EIE, ICE, CIVIL, MECH ..

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