Laughter is an ultimate necessity in life and it always accompanies happiness. A comic Hollywood flick might make you laugh for a few minutes but for laughter to be everlasting in your life, you need to be happy. Now a fundamental question for you: Do you think that you will be happy if you fall prey to mouth, lungs and kidney cancer? Or would it be of any good to you if wrinkles appear on your face and your fingers and teeth get discolored on account of your continuous smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco containing products? Of course, not and as you would be deprived of the essential merriment of life if you fall in the grip of the aforementioned disorders, you should soon take an initiative to induce smoking cessation.

But how to achieve the objective of getting rid of smoking addiction? Guys! Regarding this matter you need to adopt an effective strategy for the sheer fact that getting addicted to nicotine is very easy but leaving the addiction of this harmful substance is very tough. Even after trying out quit smoking tips such as avoiding the company of smokers, purchasing the cigarette brand that he/she doesn’t enjoy at all, chewing a cigarette free gum or drinking water during nicotine cravings if you still fail to get rid of nicotine addiction then without any delay you should approach a physician and take his advice.

If after careful physical examination, the doctor advises you to take the help of an anti-smoking medicine then you should opt for Dotmod.