Is it time to hire a solicitor who specialises in matters to do with family law? 



Well, if this is the question that’s ringing through your mind, there’s a great chance that you’re facing a relationship breakdown within your family. Perhaps your spouse wants a divorce or perhaps you want access rights. Or maybe you’re writing your will and want to get some legal advice on guardianship. Regardless of the family issue you are facing, hiring professional family law solicitors can be an informed decision.

But, most of the time hiring a family attorney isn’t the first case of action always. Sometimes one can work through some issues on their own or even seek the help of a relative or a close friend. However, there are some issues that need the input of a skilled family attorney. Not only can the attorney provide legal actions on your behalf, but also negotiate legal actions on your behalf.

Confused about when to approach a family lawyer? Read on.

Key Signs You Need To Hire Skilled Family Law Solicitors For Your Legal Case

1.      A Divorce Is Looming 

No matter how long you have been married, a divorce can be very emotionally devastating. If the divorce is imminent, never hesitate to hire a family lawyer. You could be tempted to forego hiring one who when the divorce is amicable and both of you simply want to get through it without any fuss, but do not make this mistake. Typically, there’s much more to divorce than what meets the eye. Hiring a family lawyer will help you see the clearer picture and make sure your interests and rights are protected throughout the divorce.

2.      Child Custody Disputes

One of the most complicated parts of any divorce process is having physical/legal custody of the children. Working with solicitors in Cork who specialise in family law will help you know if you are entitled to meet the conditions for having sole guardianship. Generally, family courts permit share custody. Unless your spouse is unfit to have child custody due to any cause, you cannot achieve sole custody. Therefore, it is always best to have a lawyer by your side who can settle disputes with child custody.

3.      Domestic Abuse

Be it physical, sexual, or emotional, domestic abuse must be taken very seriously. Besides contacting the law enforcement officials in your area, it is also advised to seek the help of a family law attorney. Experienced family lawyers can help you draft a restraining order and make sure that you and your family are well-protected from the abuser. In case you want to take proper legal action, your attorney can represent you throughout the trial.

Wrapping Up!

Specialist family law solicitors can get your family issues solved in the proper manner and on time. So what have you been still waiting for? It’s time to approach the best law firm with reliable family lawyers!