Many paranormal investigators advise that anyone working in this field must have something extra, something psychic. How can you deal with something you don’t know how to feel? What is your opinion?

Paranormal Eye UK investigators believe that everyone has the potential to be psychic. However, this does not mean that you can’t have a career in paranormal investigation. Many paranormal investigators suggest that you acquire psychic powers before you begin pursuing a similar career. Experts suggest that you meditate to see if your subconscious paranormal power awakens and starts working for you.

Here are the meditation techniques that many paranormal experts use. You will need to practice them for a while.

Exercise using the Lotus Drum Method

Arrangements: Set a goal for your goals and how long you will stay up. This will ensure that people don’t get lost in the details of what they should do, who is going to do it, or how it will happen. Designate one person as the time keeper. Once that time is up, the time keeper will tell the Lotus (the recipient), “gently down now” to signal to them and those who sent them the energy that our intention is to have them come down slowly and gently.

The Exercise: The central lotus sits down and sets themselves up in a good position. After that, they fold their arms. They close their eyes and begin to focus on two things: storing energy and lifting. The lotus then draws in the energy through the spine, and thus the kundalinirod that excite it. After some time, the lotus feels enough energy and creates the intention for the desired movements.

The lotus is meditating and collecting energy through their inner rod. This is different from the staff of witch doctors. A group of people, standing or sitting together, surrounds them with positive thoughts that are geared towards the goal.

You can make group regulating energy in many ways. These are just three examples. You can also:

First, place your palms together in front of you. Next, focus on the recipient.

Second: Hold your hands together and press the index fingers parallel to one another. This time, aim at your recipient.

Third: Hold your hands close to your eyes, keep your eyes closed. Energy sent through the third eye to the recipient.

It is the intention and freedom to believe in the goal of levitation that are most important.

Now everyone is sending their positive thoughts and energy to the central lotus (the receiver), while the lotus meditates, triggers their pineal glands and kundalinirod. Each member of the group is now generating their connection with spirit in their own way and is beginning to unite psychically as a whole. It will get more energy from the lotus as it focuses on it.

We will become more confident in our abilities and the support we receive, and even love all that we have, and be able let go of our fears, crutches and props to allow us to accomplish these feats on our own. This is our goal. There will always be times when we can use our psychic powers, which are our natural abilities with others impulsively and in groups.