Bill was over 60 years old. He had very little income and no money nor assets. He had already spent his last few years of superannuation on various ventures. He didn’t gamble or smoke and occasionally enjoyed a cocktail. Bill realized that his retirement years were not enough to support himself financially, and he decided to build an income stream. To start a normal business you need capital. Working for wages is no longer an option. Bill came up with an idea for starting an internet-based company.

He had frequent episodes of depression, stress, and self doubt. He didn’t really have anyone to help because he had his own products. Bill had his own products, which was fine as he had quite a few from his time in the medical industry. Marketing is the hard part. Bill was not an expert or had any experience beyond a few visits to markets.

It’s all well and good to have something to promote, but how do people get to know you and the product? A small product with high marketing costs is not an option. This was very frustrating and soul-destroying. It was clear that there must be others in a similar situation who are willing to help but don’t know what to do. Yes, there are many people who could help you but the vast majority of the solutions require substantial money.

In these situations, self belief is key. You must have an idea you believe in. The next step is to imagine how you would achieve it. Bill chose to set up a blog. Following this is a period for research, trial and error. You can do it yourself, but it takes longer and is cheaper. Bill paid the most for his time over this period, which could be weeks or even months. This was because he lived alone and had plenty of spare time.

The difficult part was to remain motivated and not give-up. So visualisation is again a lifesaver. Bill did just that. He sat down, and quietly visualized exactly the outcomes he desired from his planned internet venture. It was simple and beautiful. Bill would earn an income working from home via his computer. He would write short books and sell some products. This was his vision. He believed it would make a happy life. Bill knew from experience that this was possible, and he should be capable of doing something similar. Bill spent a while visualizing the details. Yes, it would make him feel happy. He was satisfied with his income and his preferred lifestyle. It allowed him to work at home when he wanted, made regular sales, had the freedom to pursue leisure activities, and was most importantly, he loved writing and helped others with his knowledge. All this vision gave Bill purpose, to make his life better. He knew it would make him happy. The key part was to retain his desire outcome in deep memory. This was what was going to give him the motivation to keep going. It was important to remember this image whenever he was feeling discouraged or impatient. He saw the blueprint to his future happiness. This was why it was so important for him to have it as an inspiring image and the driving force of his deep-remembered.

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