Condoms are a profoundly compelling prophylactic strategy. It has a 99.99% adequacy rate, kondoomipood which is one of the greatest among any remaining prophylactic techniques. Anyway inappropriate use can significantly lessen the condom’s adequacy and may even deliver it futile. The following are the means that should be taken when putting on a condom:

1. Open the bundle cautiously ensuring that the condom doesn’t tear all the while. Be certain not to utilize your teeth or some other sharp items to support opening the condom’s bundling. One significant hint that is regularly neglected is: Do not unroll the condom prior to putting it on. The condom is moved in such a manner so to work with simple application.

2. While applying, pull back the prepuce. Place the condom on the tip of the erect penis. In case you start by setting the condom in reverse, don’t, by all means turn it around and use it that way. Discard it and start another one. The littlest piece of liquid on the dirty side of the condom could in any case bring about a pregnancy and in this way overcomes the contraceptives purpose.

3. Squeeze the tip of the condom so to crush out additional air and carry it out until it arrives at the foundation of the penis. Now, check the condom to ensure that there is space at the tip and that there are no breaks in the condom’s surface. Provided that this is true, embed the penis for intercourse.

4. After discharge, Hold on to the condom at the foundation of the penis when taking out keeping the condom on. This will ensure that there is no spillage of the semen. Eliminate the condom before the penis gets delicate. While eliminating it, slide the condom off without spilling the semen inside. Discard the utilization condom appropriately afterwards.

Other than the legitimate utilization of a male condom, there are additionally a couple of tips that would assist with keeping the preventative item effective.

o Do not utilize Oil based items like: Grease, Lotions, or petrol jam (Vaseline) to assist with greasing up the condom further. These oil based substances can make the condom break and in this manner unusable.

o Never reuse a condom, make a point to utilize another one each time you have sex.

o Store your condoms in a cool dry spot. Presenting them to coordinate hotness might bring about a lessening of the condoms respectability and prompt it to effectively break.

o Look at the assembling date in the condom’s bundling. Try not to utilize a condom that is old or over two years of age. More established ones may as of now be fragile and will bring about simple breakage. Additionally, don’t utilize condoms that have harm bundling. This might bring about the condom inside being harmed too.

o Do not utilize a condom assuming it seems fragile or dried out. This implies that the honesty of the condom has been compromised and may bring about breakage when used.

o Don’t utilize a condom assuming there is any type of staining and in case it feels surprisingly tacky. This regularly demonstrates that the condom is imperfect somehow or another.