This article is not about boring monuments and other things, that are not interesting for author. Have you visited Poland yet? No? Oh, that’s a great mistake! There is a quite amazing place where you can’t be bored.

If you are looking to spend holidays in one of the greatest and most interesting countries in Europe, consider visiting Poland. This middle sized and beautiful country is really worth of visiting. Read more, to find out why. To introduce you a little bit Poland spirit it is worth to describe most well known places in there:

The first interesting place in Poland is Wroclaw – historical and amazing place. It’s called “student’s city” – and yes, this is truth. The 20% of all citizens are students. They’re coming there from whole Poland. It’s a party place and that’s great! But there is one disadvantage of that facts: it caused high rental prices, and if you don’t have a lot of cash, it’s quite difficult to find one. There are a lot of old, famous pubs and restaurants, like “Spi|”, where the mini-brewery is established, and they serve the good quality beer, “piwnica [widnicka” – well known in Europe for it’s tradition and food.

The second interesting party place is Sopot at the Baltic Sea. It’s even called a capital of Poland party life at the Baltic. Along sandy beach there are a lot of cafes, bars where you can spend some happy time time drinking coffee, beer, wine or… something stronger. For those who prefer spending their time on the beach, actively and outside of the clubs there are also cycle paths, beautiful promenades, parks and a forest next to the beach. For those who think about holidays as a pure relax, relax and just relax Sopot is offering health spas when you can recover your body from the tense of the regular day. And also you won’t be defeated by the tasty cuisine…at a reasonable prices!

The third place is Warsaw – the place when night life almost never ends! Of course it’s a capitol of Poland but don’t misunderstood me: there is a cultural and old town…but also full of fun, happy people and an entertainment on the highest level. Everything you need to spend unforgettable time you can find in Warsaw. For example sit in one of fancy cafes, visit art galleries, buy some cool stuff in thousands of shops and eat original and tasty food as for example smoked fish from the lake region or a Polish-style duck. One of the finest restaurants, Fukier, was visited by presidents George Bush and Jacques Chirac. And something else: every year Warsaw organizes international jazz festival held in the Palace of Culture and Science

The last but not least place and really, really worth of recommending is Krakow – an international city well known all over the world from monuments and great parties, sometimes connected with egzotyka which is situated nearby Krakow. Here you can meet people from all over the world. They all want to feel the amazing spirit that is floating in the air but is almost indescribable. Just only by going to the market place you will feel amazing. Wawel Castle, Wawel Dragon, Barbican are only few of attractions. And there are many British making stag parties, because of low prices of beer (average cost in pub: 1,5 euro), quality food and beautiful girls. Definitely Krakow is worth of visiting, if you’re looking for fine but a little bit crowded parties.