Any office environment has a direct impact on employee’s productivity. While offering the best office environment you can set lazy employees to love their job. Office surroundings are directly impacted by two basics: one is office layout and second is office furniture dubai. By choosing the right and comfortable workplace appliance and setting them into the right office layout you can increase employee’s productivity. Furthermore if you choose wrong office furniture it will eventually cause discomfort and health risk to your employees which will impact your organization productivity. We office plus manufacture quality office furniture in Sharjah. If you are unable to decide which office layout will suit your location and structure then we are here to resolve it, providing complete information regarding pros and cons of cubicles and open space layout. 


Benefits of traditional workstations:

Following are some benefits of setting private cubicles for every employee without constructing offices. 

Less noisy workplace:

Setting up proper space for every employee and making a distance or divide between them offers them a quiet workplace. Dividers and building walls in-between offices cause reduction in noise pollution.  

Increase efficiency

Cubicles help employees to stay concentrated and focused on their task. Less distracting employees helps them to reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Having private spots increases the chance of high efficiency and less distraction.

Self-motivated employees

Offering them private spots increases their satisfaction level andfeeling of fairness, motivates them. Having separate spots also gives them a space where they can have a creative environment as per their choice. They can decorate it as they feel comfortable and at ease. It boosts their spirit and helps them to stay energized.

Retaining space 

If you are limited on budget and restricted with infrastructure but want to have a private office capacity for every employee, then cubicles are the easiest way out. It is not only cost effective but in a small space a number of employees can be occupied. You get the space and privacy just like private offices and space for every individual. Office booth helps you to use large spaces in the maximum optimized way.

Maintaining isolation

Letting every employee have ownership to their own booth offers them a sense of takeover and privacy. Eventually impact their satisfaction level and efficiency. Offers them to have their own storage space where they can keep safe their files, documents and other accessories. 

Drawback of office cubicles

Every aspect has positive and negative sides. Following are some drawbacks of the office booth.

Bounded collaboration

Despite the privacy that cubicles offer, every workspace needs collaboration of teams to work more efficiently and team up with one another. Boundaries and barriers of cubicles make it harder for employees to interact with one another. Affecting their team morals and teaming which include discussion and meetings.

Restrained space

Though the organization uses large space to convert them into cubicles, still having cubicles makes the office look a bit congested. Workers can feel jammed and packed. To resolve this we should ensure proper planning is done before adding more office workstation to your space. 

Preferred size

Hence cubicles are cost effective but many organizations purchase them in bulk and in smaller sizes which not only makes your organization over occupied but also makes employees uncomfortable. 

In consideration of open layout

Many organizations are considering open space layout as a spot where more creativity and teamwork can be done. Thus, your organization has a wider infrastructure than you can have with an open office layout. Therefore, if your infrastructure is restricted and you need to occupy maximum employees at one spot then cubicles will be the best choice to make. 

Following are some benefits and drawbacks of open space layout. 

Benefits of open office layout:

No barriers between team members allow them to interact with one another and discuss every detail. Team members can collaborate with one another and chances are high that they end up on creative ideas.

More cost effective as its structure is different and does not include barriers.

Drawbacks of Open layout offices

As noise cannot be immersed, chances are high that apart from teams who are discussing their projects, other staff are also getting distracted. 

As today’s worldwide people are conscious about the spread of covid-19, open space layouts are more exposed to spread diseases. 

Is a cubicle or open layout will suit you?

Whether cubicles or open space is suitable for your office layout, it completely depends upon your company’s needs. If every employee works on their separate task and needs privacy hence cubicles are the best choice to make. In case your employee’s works with team members’ collaboration and needs discussions on their task, then open office will be a wise choice to make. 


We office plus not only offer aesthetic quality office furniture dubai, but offers free design consultation to over clients. Before setting workplace appliances at the spot we first do our complete analysis and then guide our delicate clients with best solutions and layout.