Synthetic wigs are incredibly easy to maintain. There is no need to style your wig every time you wash it just like you do for a human-hair wig. But it’s essential to mention that human-hair shampoos as well as other hair products aren’t suitable for synthetic hair wigs ,loose wave wig. Even the gentlest shampoo you may apply to your hair is too strong for synthetic fibers that are used in wigs. Similar is the case about stylers such as sprays, and gels. Don’t try to apply them to your synthetic hair.

Instead, try shampoos or conditioners as well as hairsprays that are specially designed specifically for synthetic hair. Raquel Welch Revlon along with Tress Allure have a variety of wig-care products and they all are compatible with any synthetic hair wig. The majority of websites selling wigs also offer accessories for wigs, also, so it’s wise to select the right shampoo, conditioner and spray prior to purchasing your hair.

Another thing to consider is the fact that synthetic hair are not able to be styled using curling irons hot rollers, hot rollers and blow-dryers. Any heating source can damage the wig, so make sure to keep it out of ovens, lamps, etc. A majority of synthetic wigs are pre-styled, but if you’re looking to add some character to it You can try an emulsion that has been specially designed for synthetic wigs . Style it using your fingers.

Wigs made of synthetic shampoo Step by step

A synthetic wig does not need to be washed often at all – 10 to 12 times of wear is generally enough. However, you may need be washing your hair more frequently when you apply a lot of mousse or spray on it. Each washing reduces the lifespan of your wig. Therefore, we recommend not to apply excessive stylistic products and don’t wash it until it is looking like it’s in need of being cleaned.

1. Take out tangles using your fingers. Then gently brush your hair. The only exceptions are the curly wigs do not attempt to clean them.

2. Make sure you fill a basin using cool water (hot water could harm the hair) Add a small amount from synthetic shampoo in the wig and then place it inside the water. Let it soak for around five minutes.

3. You can swirl your wig around with the water. However, do not touch the fibers.

4. Rinse your wig under running water

5. Shake any water that has accumulated on the wig, then spread it out on a towel to dry. Alternately, you can place it on the stand for wigs. If you’ve got wig conditioner, place it on the wig and then gently move it around the strands using your fingers. Be aware that you shouldn’t use a blow-dryer on a synthetic wig. So, place your hair in a room with adequate ventilation, and allow it to dry naturally

6. Make sure to brush your wig once it’s dry and is ready to be worn again. Don’t be a slave to hair that is curly.

As you can see, maintaining synthetic wigs is simple. A hairstyle or a variety of wigs will allow you change your appearance quickly.