To order this detailed 400+ page report, please visit this –   Key Inclusions §  A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of companies manufacturing elastomeric container closures, featuring information on the type of closure (cap, needle shield, plunger, seal, stopper, and tip cap), type of respective primary container(s) (vial, syringe, and cartridge), elastomeric material(s) used for fabricating the aforementioned closures (such as bromobutyl, chlorobutyl, and others), drug type(s) that are compatible with elastomeric closures, sterilization status of closures (pre-sterilized and unsterilized), affiliated sterilization technique (if the closure(s) is available in the pre-sterilized format), scale of production (small scale, and large scale), type of customization (if available), affiliated dimensions, along with compliance certifications of the product. §  A comprehensive analysis on the packaging trends of over 230 drug products (including both biologics and small molecule drugs) that were approved over the last five years (beginning 2014), featuring an assessment of the packaging requirements of various container-closure systems based on parameters, such as year of approval of drug, type of molecule, dosage form, route of administration, holding temperature, type of packaging material(s) used for manufacturing primary container and affiliated closure, and leading drug developers (in terms of number of […] read more