Employment solicitor and workplace mediator at Hatch Brenner Solicitors in Norwich, Dionne Dury, discusses conflict in the workplace in a post-covid world and the effectiveness and importance of mediation ahead of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Dispute Resolution Roundtable this week, which Dionne will be attending.   Workplace Conflict in a post Pandemic world Workplaces certainly look and feel different after the pandemic and for many, our ways of working have been altered and are unlikely to return to what they were pre-COVID. For some, the changes have been welcomed. However, as workplace mediator and employment lawyer, I have certainly seen a rise in workplace conflict as a result of COVID and I believe that trend is set to continue as more people are being asked to return to the workplace and there are reluctant returners as well as unresolved conflict that has not been addressed during the lockdown. I have been involved in advising and mediating in disputes where employers have heard employees who have felt reluctant to raise concerns during COVID; whether that’s due to not wishing to raise their concerns in a remote environment, feeling that managers have not properly addressed issues due to remote working / […] read more