Everyone loves gifts. Do they not? It is also an acknowledged fact that the packaging of a gift does leave a first impression on the recipient. There is an excitement and eagerness when the eye catches the colorful and neat wrapping and everyone is anticipating what is inside. And that’s what our empty gift boxes are about. The metaphorical journey from receiving the gift box from the doorstep to carrying it till the unboxing is incredible. All these feelings represent the love and warmth associated with the gift. Consumers these days are looking forward to the unboxing experience to which their expectations are attached.  Empty Gift Boxes Our company, EcoKaagaz is here to aid you with just that, our exquisite collection of Irish empty gift boxes will leave your recipients in awe. Now imagine, how great would it be when the recipient finds out that he is not the only one receiving a gift but also the nature, environment and all next generations to come. We also provide paper bags, bespoke stationery, wedding stationery and a lot more. This means that the sustainable and Eco-friendly gift box does not contribute to further pollution and climate change. EcoKaagaz now presents you […] read more