Although everyone is a leader, wise organizations use executive coaching -sometimes also referred to as leadership coaching- to build, fast track or support high-potential employees because research has found that great leaders have a big impact on the bottom line and are able to transform organizations.    Within our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, we are in need of people who have a vision, bring clarity and see the gift in everything, who are agile, assertive, curious, creative, decisive, focused and innovative, who take action, probe changes, love to learn, invest in unlearning and welcome different perspectives.   What is Executive Coaching?    Executive Coaching aims to strengthen and focus the talent of key people in one-to-one coaching sessions to build (upon) these skills. Just like life coaching, executive coaching is highly tailored and entails one’s personal and professional life. A project management approach is adopted whereby the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders, the objectives and wanted outcomes of the sessions, and the confidentiality of the content of the sessions are clearly defined and agreed upon with the aid a coaching agreement.    Executive Coach Benefits    There are many benefits of having an executive coach, the […] read more