The Indian head massage is an ancient healing technique derived from champissage that is widely used by personal care industry experts worldwide. This treatment focuses solely on relieving minor head and neck injuries, as well as psychological stress to heel severe body pain and improve blood circulation. This technique is based on the concept of Chakra, which connects energy channels in the face, head, and neck that supply energy to the rest of the body. The energy channels are relieved of any type of blockage by providing relaxation balance between the mind and the rest of the body when this type of traditional head massage treatment is used. Massage therapists are meticulously trained by experts. They pay close attention to the pressure applied with their finger tips to specific head and neck regions, as well as the strokes used during treatment. Traditional Indian head massage allows a therapist to provide a more personalised experience for their clients by focusing on their specific needs. Tension can be relieved by massaging the head, face, neck, scalp, and temples during this head massage treatment, promoting deep sleep and peace of mind. Because the treatment improves lymphatic drainage, toxins produced by the body are […] read more