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December 6, 2021

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Amadeus GDS

Amadeus GDS For seamless Amadeus GDS API integration, BookingXML is the ideal place. We are the leading Amadeus GDS integration company providing best-in-class GDS integration for Global travel agencies. Independent travel agents, online travel agents and travel agencies are now using increasingly advanced Amadeus GDS systems to find the best travel and accommodation available to their clients. What is Amadeus GDS System? Amadeus GDS is a network/platform that enables travel agencies and their clients to access travel data, shop and compare booking options, and book travel. Leading travel management companies widely use Amadeus GDS to access online travel content, airline, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars, and other value-added services. Amadeus GDS tools provide professional online reservation solutions and help make bookings or reservations extremely easy. Integrating Amadeus GDS into your booking engine or travel portal can provide a wealth of real-time data to book online travel! Why Amadeus GDS is one of the most preferred GDS systems today? If a travel business wants to remain competitive, it is vital to combine a comprehensive global distribution system with the Amadeus GDS system. Amadeus software  is a one-stop destination for using innovative technology to expand your sales. It gives users the most effective […] read more
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Sabre Global Distribution System

Sabre Global Distribution System Sabre GDS – Real-time access to inventory and pricing information Sabre GDS system offers data-rich solutions that give travel buyers and suppliers unique insights into their operations that help managing your travel business. Integrating Sabre GDS Systems has a tremendous amount of useful data that OTAs can leverage to present to consumers. All you need to know about sabre Global Distribution system: BookingXML is a leading Travel Technology Company and its help to integrates sabre global distribution system for travel agencies to deliver the best in class travel software. Sabre global distribution system is one of the leading providers of travel reservation system with over 55000 travel agencies. Sabre GDS is among the three global distribution systems in the world. It is used by travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies around the world to search & book on one end it aggregates the worldwide travel contents of airlines, cars, hotels, etc. on the other side. Sabre Travel network: Sabre travel network provides an excellent solution for the industry. Sabre connects travel suppliers with buyers from across the globe through its leading travel marketplace. A Global Distribution System is a computerized network that facilitates transactions between […] read more
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GDS Systems

List of GDS Systems GDS System Integrating GDS web-service in your booking engine, website or application can consolidate real-time data for airlines, hotels, Car rental, and package tours. Real time inventories like booking airline tickets, rooms, car rental, holiday packages from a single place. What is a global distribution system? GDS system is computerized web services collocated at a server, that provide travel deals worldwide including flight booking, hotel room booking, transfers booking, cruise, and holiday packages. In a nutshell, a unified web-based reservation system that can search, book, and process travel deals, is known as a Global Distribution System. We have proven records in integrating GDS systems for bookings of Airlines, Hotels, car rental, and holidays with the options of B2B, B2C, and B2B2C along with an admin module. How a GDS works for Travel Agents? Travel agents are the primary target for today’s GDS networks. A GDS delivers data in real-time, so agents can determine which particular flights, accommodation, or other services best suit their client’s needs in seconds. Global Distribution Systems: Amadeus GDS Sabre GDS Galileo GDS Travelport GDS Worldspan GDS Apollo GDS Abacus GDS Pegasus GDS Integrating any of the major GDS systems will provide the […] read more
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