How much housekeeping service provider charge? Hiring a housekeeper may seem like a luxury service for many of us. But your time is more precious and instead of spending your time scrubbing the kitchen, mopping the floor, cleaning windows you just spent it somewhere else with family. The average price housekeeper is around 2000 to 7000 Rs. An individual family house charge around 5000 to 7000 to clean. These charges may differ from state to state, city to city. They divide charges like part-time housekeeper get between 3000 to 6000 INR, half day service charge 6000 to 8000 INR, full-day services charge 9000 to 11000 INR. What service do they offer? Different families and individuals required different things in the house that is some may want to look after the baby, some may be needed for caring old grandparent, either you can do all this work on your own but you need someone to do work of the house. What do they do before the charging rate? They visit the house first – before estimating the price of service, they will first go for the location where they are going to work, because they need to estimate how long it […] read more