Electronic Data Interchange, generally known as EDI, is the current favorite topic. But what is EDI, and what is the future of EDI? To answer your question, we need to understand the various factors it depends on, including technologies and the underlying business data processes. Majorly it depends on how it is utilized. EDI is majorly used to send, receive, and record orders, delivery notes, and invoices. In today’s world, it is impossible to run a supply chain without EDI. Companies in these industries have refined and optimized processes that would work with EDI support and solutions without getting inconvenient. For instance, the car industry applies just in time and just in sequence logistics. Now, there are technologies available to rival classic EDI. It’s time to rethink. Cloud- Major Trend Infrastructure as a Services or IAAS is the first wave in Infrastructure clouds. Azure, Alibaba, Google Cloud & AWS are some examples. In the second cloud wave, software vendors started shifting their applications to the cloud, such as SalesForce, and later, such as SAP with S/4HANA. Companies are popularly using cloud applications as they provide the best tools to monitor and tailor specific tasks. Earlier companies were worried about lack […] read more