You are not alone if you are unsure whether there is a “correct” way to charge your phone or whether charging it for too long, too frequently or too quickly can damage the battery. It’s never been clear to me whether being careful about how frequently I charge my phone extends battery life enough to make a difference, or if it’s just another annoyance in a world filled with far too many of them.   Most of us end up doing this. For example, we plug in our cell phones to charge before going to bed, we leave it plugged in overnight, and the device continues to charge for hours at a time. This is called overcharging, and ideally, you should disconnect the charger as soon as the phone’s battery reaches 100% charge level. Because after a point the older generation phones used to get their charging port damaged and then required an iPhone charging port repair. However, soaking is not as big an issue on modern smartphones as it used to be on older devices.   Most modern smartphones use technologies that monitor when you sleep and wake up to avoid overcharging. So when you connect the phone to […] read more