We call “professional kitchen” these designer kitchens worthy of professional kitchen worktops. On the program of these kitchens that make us crack: stainless steel, glass, flashy household appliances … In other words, all the ingredients to play the kings of the kitchen. Generally, we recognize the professional designer kitchen worktop by its color and its well-chosen decorative elements. Clean, minimalist, this contemporary kitchen is functional to group only the essentials in a perfectly ordered space where everything is within reach for cooking without constraint. Whether the space is a small kitchen or rather a spacious kitchen designed to accommodate, the pro designer kitchen combines several characteristics … We have been surprised with the service, and their collections of Granite, Marble, and quartz. The leading stone worktop suppliers in the UK and EU regions, check them for renovating your kitchen and bathroom – https://www.work-tops.com/ The colors to prefer for a professional kitchen From the point of view of color, this type of kitchen relies on simplicity with neutral tones. Black, gray, and white come together, serving as a base, or even flagship colors if you prefer to stay in these tones without opting for a brighter color that will enhance the whole. […] read more