Owing to its vibrant and growing economy and huge business potential, India has become an attractive investment destination over the years, and more and more foreign companies want to do business set up in India. If a foreign company wants to do water testing in India before deciding to launch full-scale business operations in India, it can opt for liaison office registration in India.           What are the main features of a liaison office in India? It is only a representative office of a foreign company in India. It acts as a communication channel between the parent company or foreign company head office and other companies in India. It cannot be engaged in any industrial, manufacturing, trading and commercial activity directly or indirectly. It does not have any authority to conclude contracts in India. e) It received funds from Head Office through normal banking channels to meet the Liaison office’s expenses. Conditions to be fulfilled for registration of Liaison Office in India: Registration of the Liaison Office in India is subject to prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India. Also, the following conditions need to be fulfilled for liaison office registration in India: Profit-making records and statements of […] read more