Which is the most popular screen for learning? Not laptop or desktop! But the correct answer is mobile. Today, mobile is gaining popularity like a wildfire spreading in the forest. Not just from using point of view, but different perspectives are associated with mobile learning. Therefore, there is a growing demand for mobile learning companies. This is why workplaces are shifting towards mobile learning. Why so? It is because these solutions are handy and compatible across different platforms. But, this led to a heated argument about whether mobile eLearning solutions are beneficial or not. Read and find out.  The War of Words: Mobile Elearning, Good or Bad? Technologies for the Better Learning Robust development in the IT infrastructure! What does it mean? The connectivity is at its best! Thus, clients worldwide opt for mobile learning solutions to elevate the learning experience. A handset with mobile data! That is enough to access the learning material. In a nutshell, technology made learning easier, but mobile learning made it the easiest job! Mobile: A Means to Use in Downtime What if your employees are freaking out in their free time? Is it possible to divert this time into the training? Yes, mobile makes […] read more