Public Relation is one of the fields in marketing that has grown a lot over the last few years. Especially with the lockdown, brands have been investing more and more time and effort into this field. The benefits of PR are undeniable. When used effectively and timely, PR can benefit the brands in many ways. For PR professionals, media relations are a very important part of their job. It is essential for them to maintain relations with the media to serve their clients to the best capacity. Let’s discuss this at length, and try to understand why media relations are a vital aspect of public relations. Brand awareness One of the primary reasons why media relations are important in PR is that it can help to increase brand awareness among the target audience of the brand. Now how does this happen, one might ask. PR professionals spend an ample amount of time building relationships with people in the media field. This also includes journalists in major media outlets. When a brand comes up with a new intervention, they often need coverage in the media. PR professionals, through their contacts in the media world, identify the relevant media channels that match with the […] read more