What is an underwater ROV manipulator? An underwater ROV manipulator is a mechanical arm that moves underwater in order to help underwater vehicles with underwater locomotion. Anunderwater ROV, also called remote-operated underwater vehicle, underwater unmanned vehicle or underwater robot, is a device that can be directed by an operator. The major difference between the underwater ROV and other underwater devices is that the underwater ROV needs to have some way to propel itself around underwater. Most underwater ROVs are free-swimming or tethered underwater vehicles. Why is an underwater ROV manipulator significant? Underwater ROV manipulators are found in many underwater vehicles, but they are also used outside of underwater vehicles to help with underwater construction and underwater archaeology projects. They can help move objects underwater because underwater ROV manipulators are much bigger than underwater ROVs in general. Compared to the underwater ROV, the underwater ROV manipulator is bigger not only in its size but also in physical weight, so underwater ROV manipulators can be used for moving big objects underwater. What are some applications of underwater robots? Some underwater ROV applications are underwater photography, underwater communication, underwater exploration, underwater construction and underwater archaeology. What other items would a person need to […] read more