WooCommerce, the popular WordPress eCommerce solution, is currently huge business, with 42 percent of online retailers using it. That means your WooCommerce development services must be up to par, or your clients will just find another developer to deal with. It’s easier than you think to improve your WooCommerce development skills.you may visit web development company for more knowledge. In this piece, we’ll go over four recommended practises for designing WooCommerce sites, as well as some tips on how to put each strategy into action. Make use of WooCommerce hooks. Develop as if you’re writing WordPress code. Keep up with WooCommerce’s official development channels. Learn how to use the different WooCommerce APIs. Let’s get this party started!   1. To add functionality, use WooCommerce hooks. If you’ve worked with WordPress before, you’re already familiar with hooks and filters. These are ways to ‘plug into’ WordPress’ core code, allowing you to make PHP customizations without changing too much. 2. Create as though you’re writing WordPress code. Because WooCommerce is owned by Automattic, its code adheres to WordPress best practises (on the whole). This is great news because there is a wealth of material on how to code for WordPress that can […] read more