Essay from the French “essai”, English “essay” – an attempt, a sample, an essay. The creator of the essay genre is considered to be the French thinker Michel de  Montaigne. An essay is a prose essay – an essay of short discourse. Volume with a free composition. The genre of criticism and journalism, free interpretation of any problem. The essay expresses individuals. The essay expresses individual impressions and thoughts on a particular issue or subject and does not deliberately claim to be determinative or definitive. Does not pretend to define or exhaustive treatment of the subject. As a rule, the essay implies a new, subjectively colored word about something or anything and can be philosophical, historical and biographical, journalistic, literary and critical, popular science, fiction. Writing an oxessays review is extremely useful because it allows the author learn to clearly and competently formulate thoughts, structure information, use basic categories of analysis, highlight cause-and-effect connections, illustrate concepts with the corresponding examples, to argue their conclusions; to master the scientific style of speech. Structure of an essay 1. Title page (in the center – topic, last name, first name, patronymic, school, grade). 2. Introduction – the essence and justification for the choice […] read more