We call “professional kitchen” these designer kitchens worthy of professional kitchen worktops. On the program of these kitchens that make us crack: stainless steel, glass, flashy household appliances … In other words, all the ingredients to play the kings of the kitchen.

Generally, we recognize the professional designer kitchen worktop by its color and its well-chosen decorative elements. Clean, minimalist, this contemporary kitchen is functional to group only the essentials in a perfectly ordered space where everything is within reach for cooking without constraint. Whether the space is a small kitchen or rather a spacious kitchen designed to accommodate, the pro designer kitchen combines several characteristics …

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The colors to prefer for a professional kitchen

From the point of view of color, this type of kitchen relies on simplicity with neutral tones. Black, gray, and white come together, serving as a base, or even flagship colors if you prefer to stay in these tones without opting for a brighter color that will enhance the whole. These three colors are expressed through materials: stainless steel, metal, and wood. In short, raw materials reveal an assertive style, an atmosphere of a character similar to the professional kitchens found in great restaurants. Other colors can take place in this decor, but they are preferred for the furniture if the opportunity to install a bar or a dining area nearby arises. The pro-design kitchen advocates the essential and establishes certain sobriety.

The very functional layout of the professional kitchen

For furnishings, the professional designer kitchen has no requirements. It can be designed in I, U, L, or even take the form of a kitchen with a central island. The idea lies in the fact that it must always be functional and optimized, with a quantity of well-studied storage hidden in the cupboards. Thus, this kitchen model is full of original ideas to double the space offered and store with the condition of leaving everything at hand for optimal comfort. The professional designer kitchen is of course always equipped with the essentials, but with a high-quality essential with a 100% designer hood.

As for decorative elements, food processors and kitchen utensils are an integral part of the decoration for a professional designer kitchen. They are exposed and take place on the work plan to further enhance the designer kitchen. For perfect harmony, we match them to the set to find objects in the same tone of colors that will be as useful as decorative. Of course, to respect the theme “professional design kitchen” we opt for useful and practical elements that are both trendy and efficient.

A professional designer kitchen with a woody and retro look

Impressive both in size and appearance, this pro designer kitchen mixes materials. We immediately notice that it is divided between wood which gives it a rustic atmosphere and stainless steel which offers a modern touch. The cold of the stainless steel is attenuated thanks to the heat provided by the woodwork, giving a warm atmosphere to the professional designer kitchen.

To access this room, we have to go through the wide sliding wooden door positioned on the side, which immediately faces the wooden table surrounded by its designer cast aluminum chairs.

A professional designer kitchen punctuated by red

Lit by windows positioned in height, this pro-design kitchen mixes two materials: metal and marble. The same goes for the colors of the room were white and gray meet.

The owner of the house, Paola Navone did not set limits: appreciating hosting, she offered herself a cuisine worthy of the greatest professionals. After designing it, Paola equipped her kitchen with professional equipment and accessories, notably with her piano, her two-door refrigerator, and her ham slicer that stands out on the marble worktop.

A professional designer kitchen with Scandinavian inspirations

Spacious and bright, the pro design kitchen combines raw materials and noble materials with wood and stainless steel. The result? A kitchen with mixed styles, full of charm and functionality. Scandinavian-inspired, it alternates between natural style and sophisticated style for a contemporary atmosphere that plays with the elements of the past. Designed around a large central island, the professional designer kitchen overlooks the dining room that can be seen behind the glass roof.

Minimalist, unadorned, the space leaves room only for the essentials to enhance the effects of materials. Equipped with a number of drawers and cupboards, it offers large storage spaces to take on the air of a real pro kitchen, but a personalized pro kitchen with a Nordic spirit!