If you’re planning a kitchen remodel then you’re most probably considering using tiles. Whether you’re planning a tiled floor, splashbacks or something else, it’s important to think carefully about your purchase so you get exactly what you want. Take a look at these tips to help you purchase the right kitchen tiles.

1. Decide where you want your tiles

Most people opt for a tiled floor in their kitchens and often choose tiled splashbacks too, but did you know you could also use tiles on your countertops? Before you begin renovations make a plan and decide where the best place for tiles will be. It’s often a good idea to lay out some samples too so you can get a clearer picture of how the tiles you’ve chosen will look in your kitchen. If you do opt for a tiled splashback then bear in mind ceramic tiles can be prone to cracking so aren’t ideal if your food preparation spaces get a lot of wear and tear.

2. Choose your Materials

There are so many different tile materials to choose from including ceramic, stone, porcelain and even glass. In general it’s more common for materials like glass and porcelain to be used on walls and stone or quarry for floors, but there are lots of other materials out there too which could give your kitchen a more unique edge. You could even try designing your own tiles to add a personal touch to the space. You can design tiles online or even pay a visit to an artisan tile maker and let them show you the ropes.

3. Set your Budget

Some types of tile can be quite expensive but that’s usually because they look so good. If you’re creating a high spec kitchen that you will love for years to come then it’s worth investing in high quality materials that will last. On the other hand things like cork tiles can look fab on kitchen floors and are soft and comfortable too.

4. Take Lifestyle into Account

Before you decide on the tiles you want take your lifestyle into account. If you do a lot of cooking or if your busy family life for the most part takes place in the kitchen then it’s a good idea to pick the most durable and hardwearing tiles. If your kitchen gets a lot of footfall then choose a tile that’s easy to clean and doesn’t show every bit of dirt.