Our world today is accelerating towards digitization. All the paperwork hassles are now shifted to computerized data and systems, like in Australia’s ImmiAccount for visa applicants! The platform allows you or an agent facilitating applications on your behalf a simple way of doing things while freeing up time that would otherwise be spent dealing with tedious administrative tasks associated with immigrating internationally (or moving domestically).

ImmiAccount is a primary component of Australian migration that every migration agent must know of. However, information is only found when sought. Thus, a lot of migration agents along with their clients are plain unknown about it.

What can you do with an ImmiAccount?

You can use an ImmiAccount to apply for the following:

  1. The Year Partner visa (subclass 309)

  2. The Partner visa (subclass 300)

  3. The Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

  4. The Prospective Marriage – Non-Award special eligibility sub visa (subclass 307)

  5. The Prospective Marriage Visa – Temporary Visa – Low Integrity subclass 313

  6. The Bridging Visa A (subclass 160), if you are outside of Australia and have arrived in Australia on a Bridging Visa.

You cannot use an ImmiAccount to apply for the following:

  1. The work & holiday visa is called the Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462

  2. The spouse or de facto partner visa is called the Partner visa (subclass 820 or 801)

  3. The Skilled – Nominated visa called the Skilled – Nominated Visa Subclass 190

  4. The Business Skills Migration 189 & 190visa

How to create an ImmiAccount?

To create an account:

  • Visit the ImmiAccount login page and enter your information.

  • You will then receive a confirmation email at the address you provided.

  • An email will also be sent to your nominated email address with a link to activate your account.

  • If you don’t receive an email, you can go back to the ImmiAccount login page and click ‘Forgotten User Details’. Fill out the form and click ‘Send me my username and activation link’.

  • You will then receive your username and activation link by email.

How does ImmiAccount help education and migration agents?

ImmiAccount is an efficient tool for migration agents. Once you have registered, you can use it to apply for visas on behalf of clients.

ImmiAccount also provides the following features:

A dashboard where your clients can see their visa application progress anytime 24/7. This will help in time management and reduce errors that result from missing information.

  • The Latest news feature provides you with the latest news alerts about migration to Australia. This will help you stay up to date with visa changes and updates.

  • A business profile where your business can be featured, for free. You can post pictures, videos, write blogs and receive enquiries from potential clients all over the world by having your online profile page.

  • An app for mobile devices which you can use to track the progress of visa applications on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Other than that, you can also access free resources at any time through ImmiAccount, such as:

  • a glossary that provides terms related to immigration with their meanings.

  • an agency profile where you can include details about your migration business, according to Australian standards.

  • a resourcing library that provides templates and forms that you can use in your work. You may download these templates for free.

Besides the above features, ImmiAccount also provides an online visa application portal at any time of the day.


ImmiAccount is an essential component of Australian migration that every education and migration agent should know about. It provides a wide range of benefits for both agents and their clients, making it the perfect tool to use in any business strategy. ImmiAccount also offers many features such as convenience, efficiency, up-to-date information on visas, 24/7 support with round-the-clock application access; all of which make ImmiAccount worth looking into if you want to grow your agency or increase client satisfaction.