Battery life is essential, as battery life is the heart of your Android phone.


Now, this is the deal…


If this happens to you frequently, you have probably wondered many times why this happens. However, if this is a new problem with your Android device, and it is charging slowly, it may be something you need to address.


I know you’ve come because you can’t get your phone to charge. But first and foremost:


You should be aware that a slow charging Android device could be caused by one of two factors. First, there’s the phone, then there’s the basics of charging, and finally, it might be you, yes you!



Let’s stop chasing each other now and get to work on finding the answers to your queries. The following are some of the most common reasons why your phone repairs perth when you plug it in:


1. Faulty USB cables


A defective USB cable could be the source of your phone’s delayed charging. There are USB cables on the market that charge at a faster rate. However, if your Android device is slow to charge, the first thing you should check or consider is the USB cord.


But how do we know? There are many ways to identify if your USB cable is damaged or not. One of which is trying to use another USB cable. You don’t need to buy new USB cables to be sure this is indeed the case. Instead, you can first borrow from a friend or anyone you know who has the same type of USB cable as yours.


Charge your phone and connect your phone with the borrowed USB cable and make sure to use the original adapter you have.


If you don’t have someone to let you borrow a USB cable, don’t worry! There is another way to check if your USB cable is working properly before buying a new one.


You can use an Android application that analyzes your Android phone’s battery current while charging.


If you used another USB cable and charging returned to normal or run the app and find that the cable is not working correctly, you will need to buy a new one. Although, at the very least, this is just a minor problem that can be easily fixed by purchasing USB cables that can be found at almost any phone store   in your area.


2. Problem with the charging port

If the problem with charging is not only that it is prolonged, but the phone almost does not charge when you connect the phone, or maybe there is a specific position where it charges, but when it is touched or moved slightly, it stops when the phone is charging, then a damaged, clogged or loose charging port is probably the case.


This is something that not everyone is capable of resolving. As a result, I propose that you take your Android phone to a reputable repair shop and inform them of your problem so that they can assist you.


If you’re on a low budget, though, you might be able to discover some articles or videos that show you how to fix your loading port yourself. A word of warning: you do so at your own peril.