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October 26, 2021

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Heart Transplant Surgeries | Cardiac Care During Pandemic -Fortis Kolkata

Indian scenario of heart transplantation is rapidly changing and growing. India did the first heart transplantation following the THOA act, which was passed in Parliament on 8th July 1994. Dr. Venugopal did the first heart transplant in AIIMS in New Delhi in the following month Between 2016 and 2019, India on average performed 250 to 280 heart transplants every year. In comparison, between 2000 and 2011, India had done approximately 350 cardiac transplant operations in total. During this  Pandemic, the Organ donation program has had a major setback. The donations were very few and also the issue related to the Immunocompromised status of the patients following transplants was putting the recipients at greater risk. Due to the increased awareness in our times, wherein print and electronic media are playing a major role, the organ donation drive is bound to create an impact and will yield results in more organ donations. COVID & HEART TRANSPLANT During this pandemic, when healthcare providers were overwhelmed with covid numbers, and a sudden surge in hospital admissions. This pandemic has pushed the transplant programs in the country on the back foot for the last 18 months. There are at present 250 hospitals in India capable […] read more
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Hypertension in Pregnancy

What is Gestational Hypertension? Some women can develop high blood pressure in the latter half of pregnancy (after 20wks). It is also called pregnancy-induced hypertension. If it is associated with protein in the urine it is called Preeclampsia. What are the risk factors? First pregnancy, women who had sisters or moms who had PIH, multiple pregnancies, women who had other medical problems like diabetes, kidney disease, etc. How is it diagnosed? If Blood pressure is more than 140/90 in pregnancy with or without leg swelling Gestational hypertension is diagnosed. Urine is checked for the presence of significant protein. Another blood test like liver function test, kidney function tests are done based on the severity of the condition. How can it affect pregnancy? It can affect the growth of the baby. The placenta can separate prematurely called placental abruption. Baby might need to be delivered prematurely. Mother can develop fits called eclampsia. It can cause HELLP syndrome which can affect the platelet count, blood clotting mechanism, liver function. How is it treated? Blood pressure is controlled with medication. They need close monitoring to avoid complications. It is ideal these women are treated in a hospital where multispecialty care and good neonatal facility […] read more
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  MediTrip is an innovative platform dedicated to the medical tourism market. The aim of the project is to prepare an innovative mobile and web application – MediTrip, which will not only provide valuable inquiries for clinics, but will also enable higher conversion rates thanks to automated service and sales processes. Automation of the process will also allow to eliminate the human factor and ensure efficient service for any number of inquiries, regardless of the team’s capacity.   read more
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Understanding Cholesterol & Heart Disease

Is Cholesterol good or bad? There is a misconception among people that Cholesterols are bad. Are they really bad? Certainly No, if they are under control. In fact, Cholesterols are essential for many body functions. In some cases, if its levels are high, it becomes a silent threat and puts people under the risk of heart diseases. What is the association between Cholesterol and Heart health? High Cholesterol and heart diseases are closely associated and here is the sound explanation on how. Cholesterol travels in the blood in these forms Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) Very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) High-density lipoprotein (HDL) HDL is known as “good cholesterol” as it clears cholesterol from the blood by taking it to the liver for disposal. VLDL contains Triglycerides which makes LDL cholesterol larger in size. LDL is known as “bad cholesterol” because it blocks arteries and forbids blood from reaching your heart. Do you wonder how this happens? When high Cholesterol travels around your bloodstream, it can reach your heart too. Sometimes it gets clung to the walls of the arteries, thus blocking or narrowing it. This build-up of fatty substance in the arteries is called Plaque. High Cholesterol paves way for serious heart diseases […] read more
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If you have just had heart surgery, take heart and you’ll soon be able to get back to normal. Remember that, as in all surgeries, complete recovery after heart surgery takes a few weeks. If it was a complex operation, it could take a number of months. However, you must be cautious at all times. It can help you recover better if you follow a few more precautions than usual, especially in these pandemic times. We tell you how. Care against infections After any surgery, the body becomes weak and is vulnerable to infections of any kind. It’s the same when you have just had heart surgery. With the COVID-19 virus and its different variants still around, you need to be extra careful.  At Fortis Hospital:  While you’re in the post-operative unit at our hospital, your steady recovery is a priority. Our exemplary and stringent infection-controlled environment and our highly qualified health staff ensure you are protected against any type of health intrusion. Your visitors, including your caregiving family, are thoroughly screened for any infections including COVID-19 and have limited or restricted access to meet you. At home:  Just as people with underlying health conditions are at higher risk of […] read more
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Online Generic Medicine

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Chiropractor Carrigaline – What Is Chiropractor And How Is It Different From Physiotherapy

Chiropractor Care and Physiotherapy are both disciplines of Complementary and Alternative Medicine that are applied by controlled pressure of the hand, specific equipment or movement, that help treating Musculoskeletal Disorders and the pain and stiffness that is associated with it. Chiropractor Care is much different than Physiotherapy, even though their are many similarities of application between the two. Here is a brief about it. Understanding Chiropractor Manipulation Chiropractor care is provided by specially trained healthcare professionals, that are capable of diagnosing and treating chronic disorders associated with the musculoskeletal system – the core problems being stiffness and inflammation of the joints, muscles, discs, ligaments and nerves. So looking at solutions for arthritis, spondolysis, Chiropractors mainly utilise hand pressure to massage and apply controlled pressure to the joints of the spinal cord, shoulder and arms. The pressure is focally applied to the key areas of stiffness. The application of pressure is called Manipulation and there are various grades of it, ranging from 1 to 5, that fraction the extent of the amplitude of velocity. The key difference here with Physiotherapy is that in Chiropractic Manupulation, chiropractors can use grade-5 manipulation, whereas in physiotherapy the ultimate limit is Grade 4. The main […] read more
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George & Matilda Eyecare and Optometrist

George & Matilda Eyecare’s qualified optometrists use the latest techniques and equipment, ensuring your eyes receive the very best care possible. read more
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Using External Health and Safety Consultants – Am I Still Responsible For Safety?

Using A Health and Safety Adviser Health and safety advisers can be used in a variety of ways for illustration writing a policy and conducting menace assessment or weekly reviews and inspections. The size of your consortium in terms of its number of jobholders and element of menace can contribute toward the decision to use an external adviser. Arztbesuch Am I Held Responsible If I Use An External Adviser? There’s hourly confusion enclosing this question as common sense may infer that if you’re outsourcing your mill safety to external advisers they should be responsible, notwithstanding this isn’t the case. The answer to this is yes you’re still responsible yea if you outsource this part of your business. Outsourcing your company’s health and safety to professionals shows that you’re taking professional advice in order to cinch your workers are safe. By using the services of a professional safety adviser you can enormously reduce the imminence of accidents and injury in the factory. If an accident or injury occurs in your factory and you’re allowed to have put felicitous measures in place to help forestall comparable accidents either it’s extremely dubious you’ll be held responsible .Arthrose – was tun? A Safe Working […] read more
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