A hairdresser with a minimum of thirty years experience is the best. This is how it should be looked at. It’s reasonable to conclude that they have a loyal client base if they are still in business after a few years. They have enough clients to give them the confidence to continue in the hair industry. They have created a unique style.

Top hairdressers who are older keep up with the latest trends, and still have the creativity, enthusiasm and willingness to experiment with new hairstyles. These are the people who suggest hairstyles and are committed to your business as well as to your best image. As you know, there is good and bad in every category. Some older hairdressers are in a rut, and only working for the money. Avoid them.

Whom should you ask? Ask anyone, even strangers, who has a hairstyle you like, where they go. It will surprise you at how grateful she will be to be asked. It is a wonderful compliment. Every woman is a model for her hairdresser.

It is even better to ask random women for their hair than to search for women with the same texture and form as yours. A hairdresser’s ability to create a hairstyle that suits their hair type and has a similar hair style speaks volumes about their skill. This level of skill is what you want when you’re looking for the best hair salon.

It is important to choose the right hairdresser. Your hair is your fashion accessory.

A great hairdresser must always recognize that no two people are the same. They should create a unique look for you that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Before you let a hairdresser start cutting hair, it is important to consult with them.

Your hairdresser should make you feel at ease and comfortable in their salon. You may feel anxious or apprehensive when you first visit a new salon. However, a great salon should be welcoming, friendly, and relaxed.

You can try out a new hairdresser, and there’s no risk of long-term damage if they do it wrong.

Als einer der führenden Salons in München und Umgebung verstehen wir vom Friseur Team “Nesrin private Hairlounge” unser Handwerk. Als Friseur München sowohl als Damen-, wie auch als Herrensalon perfekt eingerichtet, umfasst unser Dienstleistungsangebot eine Palette unterschiedlicher Anwendungen rund um Ihr Hair, die wir Ihnen im Detail auf unserer Internetpräsenz vorstellen. In der Metropole Bayerns zu Hause, sind wir es gewohnt, den höchsten Ansprüchen unserer Kundinnen und Kunden gerecht zu werden.